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September 16, 2017

Wise Investment

Speaker: John McClarty

Audio Recording:

Two stories:

A rich man came to Jesus looking for guidance about achieving a richer, sweeter life—a life that would never get old and never be a source of regret. When Jesus mapped out the path to this better life, the rich man decided it would cost too much. He walked away with profound regret. Jesus offered a similar map to Peter and Andrew. They leaped at the chance, gladly paid the price, and were forever glad for their journey. Jesus himself bought his path at the supreme price. He knew following the path would lead to his execution, but did it anyway. Without regret. And Christians ever since have believed that this kind of investment (sacrifice) is a reliable picture of the character of God. God invests all in human beings and has no regrets. We are called to partner with God in investing in people. This is the wise path:  the choice we will not regret, the path to eternal life.


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