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The Ronald McDonald House

food donations will be brought to the front of the sanctuary as an offering during the Worship Service. You can bring food donations to be included in this procession and put them in the Ronald McDonald House food barrel in the narthex. See the attached article for more details and a list of food the House has requested. Cash donations for stocking the pantry are always welcome as well. Worship Service, November 18, 10:50 a.m.

Join us for our annual

Candlelight Christmas Concert

Friday, Dec 15 at 7:30pm

Music and Musical Opportunities

October 31, 2017

More Important Texts

Speaker: John McLarty

Audio Recording:

… Some rules are more important than others. The Ten Commandments are more important than rules about roof railings, shawl tassels, plowing methods, or field management. Some Bible passages are more inspiring than others. Psalm 23 is more inspiring than Psalm 137. Some books are more central to our faith than others. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are each (and all together) more central to our faith than is Revelation. Wise religion makes distinctions. Let us give our most frequent, devout attention to that which is highest. Love God. Love our neighbors. Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God. Give generously. Speak truthfully. Be holy.

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